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About Ringmania

Fashion Jewellery and Hair Accessories by Ringmania

How it all started

Fashion Jewellery and Hair Accessories were sold by Ringmania in 1995. It all began as a small market stall owned and managed by Malcolm Scott in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England selling handcrafted Fashion and Costume Jewellery.

The business soon became successful and the product range increased with Hair Accessories and Body Piercing Jewellery. We built up a large following of local customers and in 1999, opened our first website http://ringmania.tripod.com/. Then in 2000 www.ringmania.co.uk became the main site.
In 2004 Malcolm relocated to Thailand and opened www.ringmania.com as our main site featuring an online store. Specializing in Sterling Silver Rings, Hair Accessories and Body Jewelry, The site was ranking at number one in many search engines for some  important kewords. We were selling a vast range of Fashion Accessories around the world. In 2005 we gave up the markets to concentrate on online distribution.

2019 marked yet another milestone with Ringmania. After a break of several years while living in Asia, I moved back to the UK. This time in Sheffield. You can read my story at The Official Ringmania Blog to find out more if it is of any interest.

As I still owned the Hairmania domain I built a new site to sell Hair Accessories online from my base in Sheffield.

In addition, I have also opened a new site at 6forafiver.co.uk. The name really speaks for itself and at that site you can find a large range of Iron-on Patches and other items all at £1 each or Six for a Fiver. All items are in stock and for any order of ten pounds or more we will post your parcel free of charge to any UK address.

For the full range of products supplied via Ringmania, please visit our main website: www.ringmania.com

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